Program Coordinator

The Program Coordinator position is a 17 week program core team position.
This position starts at (Tier 3) $325/week + room and board


  • The Program Coordinator work as a team with the Waterfront Program Coordinator and reports directly to the Associate Director (Chris Oldham) and the Summer Camps Director (Dan Martens) in given seasons. 


  • Exhibit spiritual maturity and be a good Christian role model.
  • Preferred candidates will have had at least one year of Camp Kadesh program experience.  Any applicant should have significant program experience at another camp.
  • Enjoy and connect well with people of all ages, especially youth and children.
  • Have a heart for evangelism and missions.
  • Highly organized and motivated.
  • Ability to speak confidently in front of large groups of people.
  • Knowledgeable in all Camp Kadesh activities (including but not limited to canoeing, archery, wall climbing, etc.)
  • Willingness to be outdoors in all types of weather.
  • Able to work in a team environment and independently.
  • Must be computer literate and should be familiar with programs such as Microsoft Office as well as various web based programs.
  • Previous leadership experience is an asset.
  • Outgoing and energetic personality an asset.
  • Must be 18 years of age.
  • Lifeguard Certification an asset, but not mandatory.
  • Saskatchewan Class 5 licence (or equivalent) an asset.


  • Adhere to the Camp Kadesh Staff Manual and the MPSM Code of Conduct
  • Regular weekly planning meeting with the program team.
  • Be involved and take leadership roles in staff meetings, leadership clusters, one-on-ones, and camp community groups.
  • Contribute in a positive manner to the Kadesh greater community
  • Facilitate and implement the Kadesh spring and summer program in a positive and timely manner.


  • Responsible for the coordinating of the Kadesh spring & summer programs
  • Training and coaching of staff on program implementation and skills.
  • Work closely with the Directors and other program staff to ensure the safety of staff and guests is maintained.
  • Enforce all rules and safety measures.
  • Be familiar with Camp Kadesh’s waterfront operations, as well as the Saskatchewan Camping Association and Lifesaving Society’s standards for practices and equipment (including safety, recreational, and boating equipment)
  • Respond and adapt programming to changes in weather
  • Organize and coordinate weekly program schedules
  • Assign staff in accordance with schedule templates created by the Director(s)
  • Ensure timing of schedules in maintained.
  • Receive feedback from program staff in relation to program equipment
  • Ensure all equipment is repaired and fully functional.
  • Daily inspections (or delegation of inspections) of all waterfront equipment.
  • Communicating media needs with audio/video team