Program Coordinator

The Program Coordinator position is a 17 week program core team position.
This position starts at (Tier 3) $325/week + room and board


  • Two Program Coordinators work as a team and report directly to the Associate Director


  • Exhibit spiritual maturity and be a good Christian role model.
  • Preferred candidates will have had at least one year of Camp Kadesh program experience.  Any applicant should have at least one summer of program experience at another camp.
  • Enjoy and connect well with people of all ages, especially youth and children.
  • Have a heart for evangelism and missions.
  • Highly organized and motivated.
  • Outgoing and high energy.
  • Knowledgeable in all camp activities (including but not limited to canoeing, archery, wall climbing, etc.)
  • Willingness to be outdoors in all types of weather.
  • Able to work in a team environment and independently.
  • Must be computer literate and should be familiar with programs such as Microsoft Office as well as various web based programs.
  • Previous leadership experience is an asset.
  • Must be 18 years of age
  • Saskatchewan Class 5 licence an asset.


  • Adhere to the Camp Kadesh Staff Manual and the MPSM Code of Conduct
  • Attend weekly planning meeting.
  • Be involved and take leadership roles in staff meetings, leadership clusters, one-on-ones, and community groups.
  • Contribute in a positive manner to the Kadesh community
  • Facilitate and implement the Kadesh summer program in a positive timely manner.


  • Responsible for the coordinating of the Kadesh summer program
  • Organize and coordinate program staff
  • Activity instructing, cabin leading assignments
  • Coordinating audio/visual implementation
  • Organize and coordinate weekly program schedules
  • Make sure schedules align with the overall schedule set forth by the Associate Director
  • Assign guests their weekly schedule of activities
  • Coordinate with Food Services on meal timing
  • Coordinate with Waterfront Coordinator for all waterfront needs
  • Coordinate with Leadership and Discipleship Coordinator for chapel related scheduling
  • Program equipment repair
  • Receive feedback from program staff in relation to program equipment
  • Coordinate with all skill specialists to ensure all equipment is repaired and fully functional.

Staff Training

Work in relation with the Associate Director to implement staff training
Be an active participant in the Spring OREC program