Outdoor Rec Employment

Outdoor Recreation and Retreat Program

Camp Kadesh is currently seeking talented staff to be part of our May and June Outdoor Recreation program.

The Outdoor Recreation Program at Camp Kadesh is a recreation based program that emphasizes an active, healthy lifestyle and focuses on the development of character and potential.  The Outdoor Recreation program serves schools from all over Saskatchewan, with guests ranging from grade 6 to grade 12. A class trip to Camp Kadesh provides students with opportunities to develop new friendships, work together as a team and have a truly unique and fun outdoor experience.  In May and June Camp Kadesh hosts over 1,600 students and their teachers.

Come and be part of a close-knit community, where we teach young people sports, camp activities and help create memorable, positive experiences!  This program is Camp Kadesh's outreach into the public and catholic school systems to introduce students to Camp Kadesh.  Large numbers of these students that come will end up coming back as campers in summer.

Spring Outdoor Recreation

Positions available:

Outdoor Recreation Facilitators (or OREC Crew) (10 position available)
May 1 - June 27 (Starts a Tier 1 -  $275 per week + food/housing)
Responsible to provide quality programming to the Outdoor Recreation and Retreat program by ensuring a excellent ‘Kadesh Experience’ for all guests and staff.  Spring OREC Crew members are part of a team that provides all encompassing service to guests.  In addition to programming OREC crew members will have a role as cabin hosts (sleeping in cabins with students), provide assistance in food services (doing dishes in the dish pit for some meals), and elements of support roles (housekeeping and janitorial for facility turnaround)

We are looking for staff that will be committed to the values and mission of Camp Kadesh and want to see student's experience God through our service to them.  Staff from other camps that have jobs in July and August are welcome to come and work with us for May and June.

If you have any questions contact either our Director - Tim Good or Associate Director- Chris Oldham for more information

If program staff is not your thing we are looking to hire food services staff for the months of May and June as well.

Other positions starting in May can be found on our Summer Employment Page
Positions Include:
Program Coordinator
Waterfront Coordinator
Multimedia Coordinator
Maintenance Assistant
Food Services Assistant