Hi! I’m Tim Good. I’m the Director of Camp Kadesh.

I work hard to make Camp Kadesh the best camp, not just in Saskatchewan, but in Canada. I believe in the power of camp to inspire young people to live their lives for God and step up and lead in the places they are and hopefully step out into bigger roles. I love to see children and youth challenged through the camps experience. To try new things, to make new friends, and seek out who they are meant to be, not who the world tells them they should be. I love working with young leaders to and seeing them grown in confidence and faith.

I didn’t plan on working full time in the non profit camp world. I certainly loved camp. I first went when I was 8 and haven’t missed a summer at camp since. I just assumed that people had to grow up and “get a real job” and I did that. I went to school for broadcasting and landed a job as a producer on a morning talk radio show. I learned about technical things and later moved to working for a AV company. I was a project manager and designed technical media systems.

I live on site at Camp Kadesh with my wife Brea and my three kids. Many campers will recognize that Kimberly our oldest daughter has been a staff over a number of summer. As a family we love living at camp. So many campers eyes go wide when they learn that WE GET TO LIVE AT CAMP?! It’s a great place to live and see our kids grow up. Admittedly they don’t get the typical camp experience that campers have each year, but we woudln’t want to live anywhere else.

In my personal life I’m pretty passionate about a few things. I love reading. I believe that leaders are readers and I want to be constantly getting better in all aspects of life. I’m pretty involved at Prince Albert Alliance Church where I play on a music team and help teach Blast the Sunday kids program. I also play bass and love to follow the tech and music gear industry.

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