Young at Heart

A camp session for those that don't think camp is just for kids.

August, 2017

Young at Heart is a casual week of relaxing activities, great friends (new and old) and good times of teaching, singing and fellowship.   Some of the activities of the week include: Horseshoes, Crokinole, The Whipper*, Bocce Ball, Campfire, Movie Night, Boat Rides, Golf (both mini or fullsized)

All that with lots of chances to visit, hear great music, laugh, have fun and hangout on the beautiful property that is Camp Kadesh on Christopher Lake.

Speaker - TBA

Norm & Joanne Bonk



There is no cost for this retreat.  It is our hope that this retreat inspires participants through the stories of gospel being preached at Camp Kadesh.  There will be a number of times to hear about the amazing outreach of the spring and summer program and chances to give in support of the ministry of Camp Kadesh.  Our goal is to rais $10,000 in support of the mission of Camp Kadesh.

How to book

To book your room, cabin or RV site please contact Kare Neufeld in the Kadesh office to let us know you are planning on coming.  (306) 982-4912 or click this link to contact Kare through the website.     It is OK only come for a day or two, but we do request that you let Kare know in advance of when you are planning to come.