Chris Oldham Director of Retreats and Outdoor Recreation Camp Kadesh

Hi! I’m Chris Oldham. I’m the Director of Outdoor Recreation and Retreats

My job is to make the Outdoor Recreation Program and Retreats at Camp Kadesh the best it can be. I love the opportunity to provide recreation based programming for schools that emphasizes an active, healthy lifestyle that focuses on development of character and potential and a chance to introduce Christ. I look at our OREC program as a introductory to camp and a stepping stone into our summer program.

I believe in the value of experiencing camp. I went to camp every summer as a kid and it was at a young age that I was taught about Jesus. I continued to go back summer after summer as a camper and it didn’t take long for me to realize that I would want to become staff. Camp has always been a place I believe is life changing in the lives of children and staff that allows them to experience God either for the first time or continue to develop their faith.

I wasn’t sure full-time camp ministry was my goal coming out of college. After finishing a 2 year diploma in Recreation & Leisure Services I felt called to use my skills and experiences to pursue a role in full-time camp ministry. I have a passion for the outdoors and recreational activities and love that I get to teach, lead and interact with schools in this way.

I live on site at Camp Kadesh with my wife Sherri and our two kids. Living at camp for our family is an awesome privilege. It  is a great place to live and see our kids grow up (as my kids say they have the best backyard to play in). It is a different camp experience for our kids as they don’t get the conventional  camp experience, however they love being camp kids.

If you want to get in touch with me directly you can click here to contact me. It’s a form, but it sends an email directly to my inbox and I will see it quickly and be able to respond to you directly. (we just do it this way to minimize spam… it’s no secret that my email is my first name “at” campkadesh “dot” com, so if you prefer, send an email that way)