Dan Martens Summer Camps Director Camp Kadesh

Hi! I’m Dan Martens. I’m the Summer Camps Director at Camp Kadesh.

My  job is to make the Summer Programs at Camp Kadesh the best they can be. As someone who has grown up attending Kadesh as a camper, I have seen firsthand the way the experience can influence a camper’s faith. My goal is to assemble the best team of staff to love and disciple our campers, and alongside Chandra Styles, disciple our staff well while providing an awesome program to make each camper’s week an awesome experience. I’m a program guy at heart and love developing and testing out the new games and activities for our campers that make camp memorable. 

I live in Prince Albert with my wife Cassie. She’s a kindergarten and pre-K teacher in the town of Big River. We live in the city in an old big blue house and both of us have a long commute to work these days. We love to be in the outdoors and explore nature through camping. We both also love Summer Camp. Both of us have been a part of the summer staff at Kadesh for many years, and Cassie is coming back to be a part of the summer team this year. 

Several times I had decided that I had completed my last summer as a seasonal staff member at Kadesh. Having grown up as a camper attending Kadesh, I continued through the Leader in Training program and became a part of the seasonal staff back in 2010. Like many people who have worked at camp, I felt the need to go out and get a “real job” and make some money. I worked full time as the Outdoor Recreation Coordinator for a period of time before leaving to take a job in construction in Saskatoon. Cassie and I got married that winter and it wasn’t long before we both missed being at camp. God pulled me back to Kadesh again and again before I took on the full time role in January of 2018 and now, I am here to stay. 

In my spare time, I love working with my hands on DIY woodworking projects. I’m a big fan of Milwaukee Tools and I’m always looking for something new to build or fix up myself, whether around the house or the next big summer program contraption. I’m involved at Prince Albert Alliance Church where I play on a music team. I love playing electric guitar and collecting all sorts of music gear and guitar pedals.  

If you want to get in touch with me directly you can click here to contact me.  It’s a form, but it sends an email directly to my inbox and I will see it quickly and be able to respond to you directly.  (we just do it this way to minimize spam.. it’s no secret that my email is my first name “at” campkadesh “dot” com, So if you prefer send an email that way) 

Cassie and Dan Camp Kadesh