Chef Karen Kruger Food Services Camp Kadesh

Hi! I’m Chef Karen Kruger. I’m the Chef and Food Services Manager for Camp Kadesh.

I’m passionate about food and helping campers and staff reach full potential by filling their bellies with good food! Every year at summer camp, my goal is to introduce new and improved, nutritious, yet scrumptious menus. I want all my work and the staff that work in the kitchen to bring glory to God, and for everyone to find joy in serving and knowing Christ.

I grew up going to camp every year as a camper and then as a teenager I tried working every summer as either kitchen help or camp counsellor. I started my culinary journey at a small town diner in Southern Manitoba 10 years ago. I moved back to Saskatchewan 5 years ago, so I applied to culinary school, achieving my Red Seal. In both my summers, after 8 months of school, I worked at Muskoka Bible Centre in Ontario. The chef there trained me in a management position so I could use those skills here at Kadesh.

I live on site at Camp Kadesh in a cosy apartment above the kitchen, so I am very fortunate to live and work in one of the most beautiful settings in Saskatchewan. In the late spring and summer, you will see me almost every evening after a long day in the kitchen, on the lake in my bright orange kayak. And you definitely will hear a wide variety of music genres in my kitchen, as I like to blast it out, to which the staff can attest! And in the winter months, you will find me TRYING to cross country ski on the frozen lake, or the many trails in the forest. I am so thankful that God has called me to this peaceful and beautiful lakeside camp to serve Him and others with hospitality and food.