Kadesh New Years Party

Dec 31 8pm to Jan 2 Lunch

Join us as we welcome in the New Year in the traditional Kadesh fashion.  This retreat is focused on fostering community among staff, volunteers, alumni and anyone else interested in the ministry of Camp Kadesh.  We are excited for the way God is working and we want you to share in that excitement through the vision,  direction and ideas for the 2016 season.

New Years Planning Committee presents the Kadesh Guarantee

1.  Amazing food.  Sarah Wenner joined the full time staff after the summer, so you know the food is going to be excellent.
2.  Chill atmosphere.  You decided your level of engagement.  You can put on your skates and play some ice hockey, or hangout in the chalet and sit and drink coffee… it is all up to you
3.  Inter-camp community.  We will be working with other camps on the lake to create an event that focuses on fostering community, because we love them, and love working together with them.
4.  It’s free.  Through generous donations we are able to offer a free retreat for our staff, and alumni.  
5.  Secret Feature.  All I can say is Dan ‘The Man’ Martens is currently working in the Kadesh Research Lab to create the cross of a toboggan and the steel Kadesh rocking horse…. Who knows what can happen!

As you start making your Kadesh New Years plans please click the link below to register.  We are excited to have you join in the Kadesh festivities.

If you are interested in donating to support the Kadesh Ministry please click here.  We are very thankful to our financial partners who have assisted in making this ministry possible