The Kadesh Bed Race

Bed Race - Camp Kadesh - Retrosleep design

This year we are introducing the Kadesh Bed Race as a fundraiser.

Each team will enter as a group 5 people and a bed.  The basic concept is 4 people on the team will push/carry the bed and 1 person will ride.  A rider must be fully on the bed at all times (rotations are allowed).  The race is about 2 km long, on or adjacent to the path in Meewasin Park. There are no rules as to what the bed can be made of, but the bed must be fully powered by humans.  Each member of the team will individually raise money and can win prizes.   Trophies for the Kadesh Bed Race will be awarded in the following categories:

1.  Fastest Bed.
2.  Most money raised by a team.
3.  Best bed.   
4.  We’re glad you showed up.

As mentioned each individual fundraiser will be eligible for prizes as part of our annual walk/run.  To raise money all you need is a fundraising sheet.  At the bottom of this page is a form to sign up your team and the team captain will be forwarded fundraising sheets.

Raise:                       Prize:
over $50                  Event T-shirt
1) $250 - $499         $50 prize or equal discount off a week of camp
2) $500 - $749        $100 prize or equal discount off a week of camp
3) $750 - $999        $125 prize or equal discount off a week of camp
4) $1000 - $1499     $175 prize or equal discount off a week of camp
5) $1499 and up       $250 prize or equal discount off a week of camp

Date: May 14th
Time: Registration at 9:00, Race/Walk starts at 9:45
Location: Meewasin Park, Pinehouse Drive and Spadina Crescent, Saskatoon

Why a bed race?  Proceeds from this fundraiser will help us to accomplish two goals: 1)  replace mattresses in our cabins and make other improvements our cabins. Mattresses are very important to the quality of a week of camp, but can also become a big expense to replace many at a time. 2) replace The Blob.  During the last weekend of the summer our Blob was vandalized and we realize that we will need to replace it this year.

Sign your team up for the Kadesh Bed Race

Once a team is signed up the captain will be sent pledge forms for each member.  Each member does not need to fundraise, but our hope is that each person would try to raise a minimum of $50

Pick a name for your team that we'll use to identify you.
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