2017 Staff Retreat

Camp Kadesh Staff 2017

It's time for our staff retreat.  This is your invitation to come and and hang out at camp over the Christmas break

Who can come?:  Anyone that was staff in 2017, or anyone that is thinking of applying to be on staff in 2018, or anyone that wishes they were still staff.  If you're wondering if you fit those categories contact your favourite director and they'll let you know. 

When is it?:  Dec 29 - 31.  Arrive anytime on Friday (Dec 29) late afternoon or evening.  We'll have a snack around 8:30 but not serve supper.   We'll eat brunch on Sunday morning and you can get on the road to be home easily for New Years Eve.   (you can come for a shorter time, but you need to sign-up for food)

What are we doing?:  It's pretty casual.  Bring board games to play and hang out with others.  We will have a time on Saturday afternoon where we will talk about a few things that are changing for 2018 and cool plans we have.  Meet some of the new full time staff and ask questions about applying for jobs.  We'll also have a time of worship together on Saturday night. 

Cost: Free!  We will ask you to help with some things around meals, but nothing you haven't done before as staff.  

Can I come for just part of the weekend?  Yes, just let us know what meals you are going to be at camp for.

How do I sign up?: Fill out the form below and you're good to go.

Deadline for sign-up - DEC 26th

(Hi. Did you miss the deadline?  You need to contact Kare in the office to see if we can squeeze you in... mostly for food.)