3 things you can do if you ended up on a Camp Kadesh Waitlist

Our Director Tim is sad you're on a waitlist

Shoot.  You want to come to Camp Kadesh this summer, but the week you were hoping to come is now full.   First don't forget, WE STILL HAVE OPEN SPOTS in all age groups, we just have some weeks that are now full. 

Here are a few things you can do if you're on a wait-list.

  1. If your friends are signed up for a specific week, we would be happy to help you all move to another session of camp together.
  2. If you are 14 (or are turning 14 this year), don't forget we have a Sr. Teen camp.  It has all the great elements of Jr Teen, plus a whole lot more that we can do because you are older campers
  3. You're on the wait list! There is hope for some movement on the list.  If others on the wait list do options 1 and 2, that might create some space for you.

We're sorry you ended up on a wait-list.  We really wish we could do more to have more space in our camps for everyone, but hopefully you can work with your friends to get into a different session of camp.