You’re going to build more cabins now, right?

It’s exciting that our summer camps are full. As a team we work to make sure that every camper and parent thinks we are the best camp in Saskatchewan, but there can be some small downsides to success.

With camps that fill up fast, we know that there are lots of campers that may not be able to come to summer camps at Kadesh this year. We often get asked something along the lines of:

“So what’s next?”

“Are you going to build a few more cabins?”

“Can you build to fit in more campers?”

Those are good questions. Things that we have been thinking about a lot lately. Here are some of the responses we’ve come up with.

First, we believe that there is certain feel to a week of Camp Kadesh. Once a group of campers and staff gets above a certain size it starts to feel different. We think our current capacity has the right feel. Each week is large enough that it feels like a good party and small enough that you don’t feel like you’ll get lost in the crowd. If we added another 50 campers a week this feel would change.

Second, our dining hall is about as full as it can be. It would be a big mistake to try and jam any more people into our dining hall. Sure, we could do rotating meal times or make people eat outside, but those things would change the way camps feels, and it likely wouldn’t be for the good. And yes we could also build a whole new kitchen… if you have a few extra million dollars sitting around, here’s the link to our donations page. 😉

We believe that we’ve got a pretty great camp. We might not be the biggest camp in the province, we might not have every activity under the sun, but we believe in people and the power of relationships. Relationships are built by having time to interact with each other and the bigger the crowd grows the less likely that is to happen.

So for now, we’ll stay at 143 campers per week. We’ll continue to invest in our staff being great and working to improve the facilities that we have. We’re committed to making sure each camper that comes to Camp Kadesh has the best week of their summer.

If you want to help us continue to invest in Camp Kadesh moving forward here are a few ways:

Join 1 K for Kadesh

We’re looking for people willing to donate a little as $10 a month. With a large number of people donating a small amount we could raise $120,000 in one year. Pay our staff better. Build new stuff. Find our more info here

Donate to our Shower-house Project

If you’ve ever spent a week at camp you know that we could use a lot more shower and bathroom space. This is definitely something that has to happen before we start adding cabins. Find our more about the project here