What makes Camp Kadesh great?

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People often ask what we think makes Camp Kadesh a great camp. Why do so many kids want to come back summer after summer? There are hundred of details that go into every hour of a week of camp, but one of the core ideas that we’ve created is a statement of five values that we desire and pursue. The five areas are: Relationship, Safety, Discovery, Growth and Impact. Hopefully as you read over them you understand what we’re going for each summer.


We desire…

  • That each person who comes to Camp Kadesh feels seen and welcomed

  • To have excellent programming, using shared experience as a place for relationships to form

  • The encouragement of investing in healthy community continued outside of camp


We desire campers and staff to feel safe when…

  • Participating in activities

  • Sharing their thoughts and opinions on life and faith

  • Opening up about things that have happened in their life.


We desire that campers and staff would…

  • Feels supported to learn and try new things.

  • Have opportunities to hear about Jesus and ask questions about who he is and how knowing him can change our lives.

  • Have places to work out doubts and struggles in community


We desire to…

  • Continue to explore the way that Jesus is leading us to grow our kingdom impact

  • Identify how campers and staff have grown holistically (emotionally, physically, spiritually) and celebrate with them.


We desire to have campers and staff…

  • Recognize that they can have positive impacts in their communities and to foster a desire to do so.

  • Have opportunities to grow in leadership development.

  • Identify how their faith can interact with the impact they have in the world around them.

Want to support us in fulfilling these desires for thousands of campers and staff each year? You can support us with just $10 a month. Our 1 K for Kadesh program - Click for more info.

Did you know we are fundraising to build a new shower-house? More details here