What happened to Urban X?

Camp Kadesh Wake Camp Urban X

Urban X (or before that Wake Camp) has traditionally been a loved week by campers, but by its nature as a specialty camp, it has always had very small numbers.  Over the last two years we have tried a few different ideas and been continually evaluating the week in light of the rest of the Camp Kadesh summer.

The maximum number of campers to attend the specialty week was about 50 and that was when we combine the urban arts aspects under the Urban X camp brand.  By contrast last summer Camp Kadesh had over 65 campers on wait lists for various camp weeks that were sold out.   We also saw a number of campers sign up for Urban X that did not necessarily want to attend a specialty water sports camp, but that was that only week that we had space in.   

Given these combined factors and observations we have decided to not hold a week dedicated to just water sports this summer.

Ultimately we want to see the most number of campers experience a week of camp and use our facilities to the maximum.  In moving away from a week with a max 50 campers, we have added another week that will offer 145 spots for campers. We have made strategic changes to allow for more time on the water for those that sign up for the Water Sports program.

We know that this will be very disappointing for a small but very loyal group of campers.  We encourage those campers to try one of our regular weeks of camp and sign up for the Watersports program.