Take the Leap of Faith

About Camp Kadesh

More than just a great summer camp on one of the best lakes in Saskatchewan.  We are people that care about inspiring youth to live better lives. We are a second home. We hold the value of relationship as the foundation of why we do things and continue to build on that base to help kids explore who they are and are created to be.   First opened in 1982 with summer camps, we now have programming in Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.   In all seasons we seek to create new and exciting learning experiences, always staying focused on people. We are a Christian camp and believe that God seeks relationship with all people and He challenges people to build a better world.  We want to challenge youth to be world changers too!

Taking advantage of our excellent location on Christopher Lake we have developed a balance of traditional camp feel with new adventure based learning.  We have one of the best camp water-sports programs in Saskatchewan and we work for top quality programming in all areas.  We encourage youth expand who they are by learning new skills. We challenge everyone to push their comfort level by taking on a new adventures.  Camp Kadesh... check us out.


Kadesh summer Camps

Junior Camp 1
2016 Dates coming

Junior Camp 2
2016 Dates coming

Junior Camp 3
2016 Dates coming

Junior Teen Camp 1
2016 Dates coming

Junior Teen Camp 2
2016 Dates coming

Junior Teen Camp 3
2016 Dates coming

Urban X
2016 Dates coming

Senior Teen
2016 Dates coming

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Kadesh Outdoor Rec PROGRAM

The Outdoor Recreation Program at Camp Kadesh is a recreation based program that emphasizes an active, healthy lifestyle and focuses on the development of character and potential.

Students have the opportunity to participate in over 20 unique, recreational and fun activities, many of which students will have never experienced before.  These activities change with the season as does pricing and availability of space.

Book now for Fall 2015, Winter 2016 and Spring 2016

Canoeing, the “Whipper”, Challenge Course, Team Building Games, Orienteering, and Outdoor Survival are just some of the spring activities offered.

This is your class trip, and we at Camp Kadesh want to help make it the best experience possible.
It is our job to create an experience that is supportive and encouraging in order to maximize each student’s recreation experience.