One K for Kadesh Graphic

One K for Kadesh

One Thousand people supporting Camp Kadesh Monthly

There is power in numbers.

The old expression "many hands makes light work" can be applied to many things in life; even to the financial support of Camp Kadesh.

The idea behind "One K for Kadesh" is that if we could add 1000 people giving as little as $10 a month, that would amount to $120,000 dollars a year in donations invested into the ongoing mission of Camp Kadesh.

The first place additional funds would go is towards increasing the weekly rate that we pay summer staff.  Year over year potential staff that would love to come back and work at camp have to choose to work in the city to cover their cost of school and living expenses throughout the year.

What if we could pay just a little bit better?  What if we could pay even equal to a full-time job at a coffee shop?

Currently a typical cabin leader will make $250 per week.  What if we could pay them similar to a minimum wage job at 40 hours in the city?  Over the spring and summer that would work out to about $60,000(for about 15 cabin leaders and about 5 lead staff)

$60,000 is a big number

1000 people donating $10 a month would cover it.

500 people donating $20 a month would cover it.

286 people donation $35 a month would cover it.

You get the idea.

For now let's focus on one person.   You.

Will you consider how much you can give to support this mission.  Click the button below to sign up and you can be a part of making a difference in the lives of staff and campers.

What else could we do?

The second thing we could focus on is investing resources into our facility and building to improve the property that is at the core of what Camp Kadesh is.   An extra $60,000 a year would easily help us make up the money that isn't covered by fees.   We could press into new ideas of ways to make Camp Kadesh great.  There is almost no limit to idea of what we could do with an extra $60,000

We could build more high ropes elements similar to The Whipper.  We could pay off building a new shower house in two years! We could buy new waterfront elements on the waterfront or even a water slide of some sort.  We could build a giant hammock village in the trees. Maybe we could build a zip line into the lake!!!

The point is, we could do lots of amazing things with extra donations every year.  All we need is many people supporting with small amounts that are easy for them.

We're not asking you to give up more than maybe a coffee or two a month.   Maybe you can give more?

Will you support the future of camp Kadesh?

Maybe even tell a friend?