Camp Kadesh Tiered Pay Scale

We believe our staff make us a great camp. Even more, returning staff bring a passion and consistency to our program that we feel deserves to be rewarded. This year we are launching a tired pay scale where staff returning to a specific position over a number of years will receive more money per week because of their dedication to Camp Kadesh and proven experience.

How it works.  Each position will have a starting tier that is paid per week and as a staff returns to that position in subsequent years they will automatically receive more money for doing the same job.  Our goal is to get to a place where someone that has been a cabin leader for 5 years is being paid accordingly for the experience they bring to that position.

2019 Pay per week.

Junior Tier 1 - $75 honorarium + room and board
Junior Tier 2 - $150 honorarium + room and board

Tier 1 - $300 + room and board
Tier 2 - $325 + room and board
Tier 3 - $350 + room and board
Tier 4 - $375 + room and board
Tier 5 - $400 + room and board

$25 per week NLA certification bonus.  All non-lifeguard specific positions are pushed ahead one tier for holding NLA certification.

It is worth noting this pay scale works hand in hand with our One K for Kadesh giving program.  As we have more supporters we hope to raise this scale each year, to the point that Tier one would start at about $450 per week and tier 5 would be $600 per week.  We have a long way to go, and we can't do it with out the help of generous donors.