Leaders in Training (LIT) Program

Camp Kadesh believes in developing leaders. This program is the first step in becoming a staff member at Camp Kadesh and we believe our staff are some of the best leaders. Upon successfully completing the LIT program, students will have the experience to become eligible to apply as a Junior staff member.  This program is more than simply training future staff it is teaching young leaders to be world changers beyond the camp context.  It is a formative program that shows them how to serve their community and step out in confidence in that they believe and what they can do.

For those that have completed the LIT1 program, a second level to our LIT program (LIT2) is available for those wanting to get more experience at camp before becoming staff. Information about LIT 2 can be found here. If you are appling to be an LIT for the first time continue on this page.

LIT1 Applications Open with Summer Registration February 5th, 2019. The Deadline for LIT1 applications is March 5th.

2019 LIT 1 Camp Sessions

Term 1 –  July 7th - July 26th
Term 2 – July 28th - Aug 16th

LIT Program fees: $150.   (This fee is discounted off price of a week of Senior Teen if the LIT attends that week of camp)

Applicants for this program must meet the following requirements:

  • A love of Camp Kadesh

  • Desire to grow spiritually

  • Team player with a positive attitude

  • Prepared to work long hours of manual labour

  • Completed Grade 9 by the start of the program

  • Able to commit to the full 3 week program (with some allowances of up to about 48 hours of total absence*)

The process for becoming an LIT is to complete the application and submit 2 references.  The Directors of Camp Kadesh and the LIT Coordinators take time to review each applicant and accept those who demonstrate the necessary requirements for this program.


Every Week:
Every day LITs provide the set-up, service, and clean-up for every meal. There are also other cleaning tasks that must be done (cleaning bathrooms, floors, etc.) Each week you will get a couple cleaning times off . These times will be to relax and rest. Each week you will be assigned to one game to play with the campers, to do one morning supervision during staff meeting, and to spend one free time with campers. You will also work in the Tuck Shop helping sell candy once or twice each week.

Week #1
In Sessions:
A focus on building community. We will talk about our expectations & goals, learn how to share our faith stories and practice praying out loud.
With Campers:
Each LIT will be paired up for with a cabin each week. This week you will eat meals with them, hang out in free time, sit with them in chapel, observe a morning devotion led by your cabin leader, and spend their Cabin Togetherness Day with them. This is a week of observation, intended for you to see through the eyes of a cabin leader.

In Sessions:
Focus on learning the basics together. They will look at such topics as learning how to spend time with God, learning the basics of salvation and how to explain that to a camper, understanding the cost of following Jesus, looking at a Bible overview, learning how to read and apply scripture, and understanding more about differences in denominations.
With Campers:
You will be paired up with a new cabin and participating in similar activities as the week before except instead of observing a morning devotion, you will be heading to your cabin for a night time teaching time. If you feel comfortable enough, you can participate by reading verses, praying out loud, or sharing your story.

Week #3:
In Sessions:
This week we will be looking at how to strengthen practices that bring us closer to God, also known as spiritual disciplines. We’ll be doing sessions together on prayer and intercession, meditation and solitude, memorization of scripture, tithing, fasting, baptism, and communion. We’ll also be having some times of conversation about dating and relationships and how we live those out as Christians.

With Campers:
You will continue to move from observation to experience in your cabins. You will get a chance to go to a morning devotion and to also stay overnight in your cabin. Hopefully you will feel confident enough to participate in several ways during the devotion that is lead by your cabin leader. LIT2s will have the expectation of sharing their story and leading the devotion or a portion of the devotion on their own if it fits into what the cabin leader has planned for their cabin.

* LIT participants are expected to leave camp each weekend.  They will be done about 2:00 on Fridays and required back on Sunday (time set by LIT Coordinators).  The 48 hours of missed time applies to the time Sunday - Friday that is part of the program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Is there a deposit or a cancellation fee?

A: There is only the cost of the program.  Once an applicant is accepted into the program the $150 fee can be paid online in advance of the session starting.  There is no cancellation fee.  It is pretty rare for someone to back out of being an LIT and when they do it typically is unavoidable, so we have never seen the need for such a fee.

Q: When will applicant know they have been accepted into the program?

A:  We will try to let people know by early April.  Because of the large number of applicants it take some time to process all applications after the deadline.