Camp Kadesh Recycles

Christopher Lake Recycling Camp Kadesh

You can make a difference with your recyclable materials. Drop them off at Camp Kadesh and we will use proceeds to help subsidize the cost of camp for campers.


Camp Kadesh is located north of Clearsand on Hwy 953. We’re the second camp on the straightaway. (just Google Camp Kadesh and you’re good)

When you drive on to property, look for the log house on the right. There’s a sign with the bottle and can logos on this page. There is a bin to the side of the driveway. Just drop stuff in and we’ll take it from there.

Also if you have a lot of stuff and want to box it up, we’ll come and pick it up. Call (306) 982-4912 to let us know.

Camp Kadesh serves over 1100 campers in summer and over 1600 students through out the year. Camp Kadesh is a non-profit charity and we accept donations to help offset the price of camp at various levels for campers. Click the button below if you’re interested donating to our programming in addition to your recyclable materials.