Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers play a big part of the mission of Camp Kadesh.  Volunteers can serve as front line roles like Cabin Leaders or Program Staff, or support the front line roles by serving a kitchen or maintenance role and thus help to provide the best camp experience.  Often a volunteer positions is a person's first experience being staff or a chance for an experienced individual to come along side younger staff and mentor, train, or just encourage by working side by side.  We value volunteers and below are some of the different roles that people can volunteer in.

Work Crew

Kids Camp: July 5-10

Work Crew is for anyone who is 14 years of age or older and is a first opportunity to be a part of the staff team.  Work Crew takes on the various food service and janitorial responsibilities to be completed throughout the day.   This particular position is designed to be 2 parts work, 1 part fun.   The role of work crew is to clean dishes and do janitorial as a team, much like those in our Leader in Training Program do 6 weeks of summer, but instead of having sessions of training there is a bit more time to have some fun.  Typically this will take the form of some time out on the boats for some surfing or wake boarding.  Or the crew might go for ice cream and mini golf in the evening.  There will also be some opportunity to take part in aspects of camp like camp fire.   This position is great for the camper that wants to spend a little more time at camp and maybe is thinking about someday being on staff. 

10+ Positions to fill

Pro Stars

Pro Stars is open to anyone 18 or older, or anyone under 18 that has worked at camp already in the summer.  This is an exclusive group of volunteers that come to help during Sr. Teen week, to do dishes and to take care of janitorial duties.

Aug 23 to Aug 28

Summer - Kitchen

During the summer weeks the Kitchen feeds about 200 people three times a day.  Under the direction of our Food Services Coordinator, and the summer assistant cooks, we look for willing people to help prep these meals.  Hours of work will vary from day to day.  The first camp meal is Sunday supper, but we begin with a kitchen team meeting after the 2:30 general staff meeting .  During the week, you can expect to be in the kitchen from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm, and then again from 4:00 pm until 7:00 pm.  The final meal is Friday lunch. In the kitchen, your duties will range from preparing simple desserts, cutting vegetables, washing potatoes, baking snack, or putting away the grocery order. 

Summer - Maintenance

Our property manager Jonathan Dickey does a great job managing the Camp Kadesh site.  The reality is there are always many jobs that just can't be accomplished without the help of volunteers.  Whether you are an experienced contractor or love to do some small jobs, you can definitely help us out.  moving brush, maintaining the trails, painting, carpentry, and repairs in and around the chalet and grounds are just some of the jobs you may be a part of. No tools? No problem.  We can provide what you need.  (Of course, if you want to bring your own set, that’s fine too.)

Summer - Program and Cabin Leading

We know there are people, that for a variety of reasons can only come to camp for a short period of time.  Some are are former summer staff that are very skilled and passionate about camp, but lack simple resource of time. We seek to find ways for people come back and be part of the staff for a week or two.  If you are someone that still has a passion for the ministry of summer camp we would love to have you jump back into a familiar role. 

Fall & Winter- Hosting

Do you love Camp Kadesh and wish you could spend a weekend here every so often?  We are looking for people that are familiar with camp to host some of of the smaller weekend groups.  You would have the responsibility of making sure groups have what they need while they retreat.  Supported by a staff member on call, you would simply be the front line for questions and making sure the facilities are used properly.