Our Amazing 2018 Spring Staff

The Outdoor Recreation (OREC) program at Camp Kadesh has become the most popular destination for Saskatchewan schools.  One of the primary reasons that our program has become so popular is the excellent programming that is carried out by our amazing staff.  This year we have staff from literally across the country; BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario (and one from South Korea) are all represented in our mighty crew.  Below are the individuals that make up our spring team*.

These individuals come from a wide variety of backgrounds, are pursuing  diverse fields of education and have come together to help make these 8 weeks of the Spring Outdoor Recreation Program be great.

Fees alone do not actually cover the full cost of paying these great students.  As a registered charity and nonprofit organization, you can help us pay these students by being part of our 1K for Kadesh initiative.  Your $10 a month can help these students pay for school after spending spring serving the students of Saskatchewan.

*note: no actual squirrels were harmed in this photo shoot.