Announcing New Age Groups for Summer Camp

We're excited to introduce two new weeks: KIDS WEEK and TEN-TWELVE

In past summers we had one age group of our youngest campers.  Junior week was for the wide age group of campers 8 to 12.  We could see that if we split that age group up we could offer both a more introductory week of camp and a focused week of camp for preteen campers.   Parents had often given us feedback that having both Junior and Junior Teen as names for camps was somewhat confusing to those that were looking at our various sessions for the first time.  So... we made some tweaks to the age groups and came up with some brand new names and now we want to let people know.

KIDS WEEK:  This is a week for the camper that is experiencing Camp Kadesh for the first time or would simply be more comfortable with a younger age group.  For this week campers will not be required to pick their activities.  Each camper will have an opportunity to experience everything that Camp Kadesh offers.  We will be able to gear this week specifically to the younger age group of 8 - 10.

TEN-TWELVE:  These weeks will focus on the energy and excitement of a group of campers that are not yet teenagers, but are ready to experience all the fun and adventure of camp.  This has been one of our fastest growing age groups, so by creating 2 sessions for a more focused age group, we are able to create more spaces for the number of campers in this age group.  Ten-Twelve campers will have opportunity to pick their own activities and we will be able to cater activities to their specific age and abilities. 

These changes along with adding another week of Junior Teen allow us to add a full week to our summer schedule for the prime age groups that come to Camp Kadesh.   We are still working on details of each week of camp, but wanted to spread the great news.