Camp Sessions

We have four distinct age groups for our camp programming: Kids, Ten - Twelve, Junior Teen, Sr Teen.  Each week is designed to be suitable to a specific age group that is similar to natural school grade grouping and interests by age.  We also allow for overlap between the weeks because we recognize that none of us fits nicely into a category and everyone wants to be with their friends (or siblings) as much as anything else.

Kids Archery Camp Kadesh

Kids Week (ages 8 - 10)

This is a week of camp specifically created for younger campers newer to the summer camp experience.  Each camper will get to experience all of the activities that Kadesh offers without the pressure of choosing what activities to pick.  Campers will participate in all activities with their cabin group and will have a chance to try every activity that camp offers.  With a focus on this young age group all elements of camp program will be perfectly suited to this keen group of children without the pressure of the presence of older kids that are bigger and stronger.

Ten - Twelve (Ages 10-12)

Ten - Twelve is for the preteen camper that wants to explore new challenges and discover more about themselves.   Campers get their first chance to select their own activities and try some new activities that are not available to younger campers.  Plus there can be just a slightly greater element of challenge injected into everything that happens.  Games and week events are specially designed for the maturity and energy of this age group.

Teen Camp Kadesh

Junior Teen (ages 12 - 14)

Some of the best weeks of camp.  Each week is an action packed week of activities, games, adventure and learning about God.
Junior Teen weeks focus more on the relationships of camp and providing room for friendship and hanging out around all the activities of camp.  We also begin to challenge campers to discover who they were created to be.
These are our most popular weeks of summer. 

Senior Teen (ages 14 - 17)

We go all out to create a week of camp that is new even for campers that have come since they were 8.  Our goal is a week of camp that is not predictable but exciting because it is unique.  
We challenge campers to live their life full for God;  to look to become leaders in their life.  
This week is meant to be a celebration at the end of summer.  A chance to be with friends and experience the joy of camp and worshipping God in the setting that only camp can provide.