The Influence of Camp Kadesh

When you travel around Saskatchewan it doesn't take long to find someone that has been to Camp Kadesh.   When you continue to talk to those peoplestories and memories of camp come out of about the time spent at camp.

For many years, almost 30 now, Camp Kadesh has been changing the lives of the people that come.  We sat down and asked just a few of our staff what Camp Kadesh has meant to their lives and what happens to people when they come to Kadesh

Camp Kadesh is a place that changes lives.

Since 1982 Camp Kadesh has been a place that is home to so many people. For some it is a spiritual home, for some it has the safety of home, and for other it simply has the memories of a summer home. God continues to revel Himself to campers and staff through the various aspects of what the people and facilities show of His greatness. Generations of leaders have learned what it is to follow Jesus and serve through the training of Camp Kadesh

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