Volunteers Rebuild Our Coverall

Our volunteers are awesome.  Camp Kadesh would not exist without those that choose to give their time to help us accomplish so many things.  One example of these people in action is the three men who worked hard to construct a coverall in our maintenance area.  Dave Peters, Barry Freisen, and Spencer Bradley all worked together over a week to get the majority of the frame placed and built.  It is exciting to see a range of generations come together to accomplish a task that would not have been completed without their skill and willingness to get this specific job done. 

Our coverall was destroyed by an ice storm two winters ago and was replaced by insurance, but the replacement only covered the actual structure.  So while we did get a replacement, it literally came in a box like a giant Lego set, that someone would have to follow the instructions to sort out and assemble.

If you are someone that would be willing to volunteer you don't have to have the skills of these guys or the desire to erect a building.  We have lots of places that people can fill a necessary role to keep Camp Kadesh great.  Click here to find out more information about volunteering