What are we building? Challenge Course Edition.

If you follow us on social media you will have noticed some shots and stories of the building process of our new challenge course. It’s been obvious for a number of years that we need to build a new challenge course because of the way the old one was built into the trees and those trees keep falling down.

Last fall we (specifically, Summer Camps Director, Dan Martens) got to work designing a new course that we are referring to as “The Hub.” The Hub will contain approximately 18 different elements for campers and students to use as part of our outdoor activities. The Hub also refers to the way that many of the challenges are located in the centre and then some of the elements spread out like spokes of a wheel.

Below is a map of the new design.

The Hub Camp Kadesh Challenge Course

The Hub will be located in a new clearing north of where the old archery range was. The course will be made up of a number of elements that existed before in the old challenge course and adding a number of new ones. The central feature of the new hub will be “Nitro Crossing” which will be a large rope swing that mimics the old platform swing of the former challenge course. There will also initially be 9 group challenges that camps will be able to participate in.

The Hub Camp Kadesh Challege Course - Center portion

The other primary elements will be ones that challenge campers in both individual and group contexts. Below are a few of the elements from a side perspective. We are excited for the different ways that campers and students will be able to use this new course.

Hub Rope Elements Camp Kadesh

This type of project only happens through the support of our community. While some of the work was done by our full time staff we also had a whole crew of volunteers that came to get the project rolling. Projects like this also require funds donated above and beyond the fees that we charge.

If you would like to donate and see more new program and infrastructure projects happen you can donate here. Also, don’t forget we’re still working on fundraising for a new shower house.