The Problem with Trees

Challenge Course Swing

We don't actually have an issue with trees.  One of the best parts of Camp Kadesh is how the trees make our property look.  Where trees have become a problem is where we've built infrastructure into many trees that we have.  In 2016, one of the supporting trees of our famous Jungle Swing fell down, forcing us to do a quick rebuild in spring using proper poles.  (Thanks to Jon our Site Manager for making that happen really quick this spring)

This fall, during the one big storm that affected most of Saskatchewan, we had many trees fall down.  Two of the most important ones were the trees that were supporting our challenge course platform swing.  This particular challenge obstacle was one of the favourites of campers and was often used during program time and by cabins in free time.

We are looking to completely rebuild our challenge course with proper poles and to expand the options we currently have.   Phase One of our plan would see a completely new challenge course built in the forest area on the hill close to the existing climbing wall.  Phase two of our plan would be to take things up a level.... literally... by building a high ropes course. 

Would you consider donating to support a new challenge course?

We already have a good amount of money saved for capital projects, but every dollar that is raised towards capital will make these projects happen quicker.  We are committed to building this kind of infrastructure, but we are also committed to only moving forward with projects for which we have the full amount of money.   This way we can enjoy our trees and not worry quite so much as they get old.