Lifeguard Program Team Member

The Lifeguard Program Team Member Position is an 8 week position.
This position starts at (Tier 3) $350/week + room and board

Lifeguard Cabin Staff report to the Waterfront and Program Coordinators.

  • Preference given to those that hold current NLS certification (pool, waterfront, or surf), consideration given to those that hold bronze cross certification..

  • Have completed a camp leader in training (LIT) program, or similar development program, or similar experience

  • Have experience working with and leading children and youth

  • Enjoy and connect well with people of all ages, especially youth and children.

  • Desire to add a creative flare to their area of program

  • Have a heart for evangelism and missions.

  • Outgoing and high energy.

  • Willingness to be outdoors in all types of weather.


  • Adhere to the Camp Kadesh Staff manual and the MPSM Code of Conduct

  • Be involved in staff meetings, leadership clusters, one-on-ones, and community groups.

  • Contribute in a positive manner to the Kadesh community

  • Lifeguard Program Team Member typically are on duty whenever the waterfront is open and have time off assigned outside of these times.


  • Perform the duties of a lifeguard on the waterfront under the direction of the Waterfront Coordinator.

  • Act as a lifeguard in other program activities such as the watersports program.

  • Manage waterfront equipment with assistance from the Waterfront Coordinator.

  • Report any damage or safety issues to the Coordinators or Directors

  • Other duties as assigned by Directors or Coordinators