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 Camp Kadesh is excited to partner with the Saskatchewan Camps Association (SCA) to present the following:

chainsaw safety training course

This 3 day, intermediate level, Canadian Trainers Foundation course will be taught by Adam Moreland, who has 20 years of instructing experience and 30 years of accident free work experience with a chainsaw.

"The objective of the training is to develop proficient chainsaw operators who demonstrate a positive attitude towards safety, stewardship and a professional attitude towards their work. Emphasis is placed on safe work practices, high standards of proficiency, adherence to the Saskatchewan Occupation Heath and Safety Act and excellent instruction."

The course will be 3 - 8 hour days. (accommodations can be provided the night prior for those travelling long distances)

More details will be supplied to applicants in advance.

If you have questions about the course please address them to Camp Kadesh Site Manager - Jonathan Dickey

Course Details

Dates: May 13-15, 2019 - Location: Camp Kadesh


  • SCA accredited members $260/participant

  • SCA member camps (non-accredited) $390/participant

  • Non-Member $650/participant

Costs reflect all courses fees, textbooks, and meals and lodging, fees do not include tax. Camp Kadesh is providing the facility and cost of lodging at no charge.

Registration Form

The following form needs to be submitted to claim a spot in the course. An invoice will be generated and mailed to you after you have submitted this form

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