Financial Sponsorship Application

It our goal to ensure that the cost of camp is not the reason that any camper would not come to a session at Camp Kadesh.   We require the full fees of each camper to cover the costs of running our full program, but we strategically fund-raise and seek out grants to help us remove the direct fees for those that simply can not afford camp.

$474.51 - Total 2019 Camper fee   ($435.00 Week of Camp Kadesh  +  $21.75 GST + $16.00 Tuck Fee + $1.76 GST/PST )

It is our hope that each family would pay what they can to help us extend financial assistance to as many families as possible.  The following application helps us be accountable to the donors and organizations that supply funds.   The information collected is considered completely private and is only collected to determine need and provide accountability.

It is our general expectation that each family would be able to pay a minimum of $125 per camper.  This amount is one that a camper can earn or raise themselves and gives significant value to their week at camp.   In cases of great need, full subsidy is granted.

(New: Feb 2019) Campers that are applying for subsidy are not eligible to enrol in paid extra programs such as water-sports or tubing. While these programs are very popular, the experience of a week of camp is excellent with the many other program options we have that do not have additional cost. This helps ensure our goal of as many subsidy dollars as possible going towards the cost of getting campers to camp.


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Aditional Demographics
The following boxes are for external grant funding and statistical purposes. These demographics are not a basis of determining subsidy. They are simply to help Camp Kadesh pass along information about the community we are serving to organizations and donors that supply us with funds for subsidy. Please check all boxes that apply.