The Problem with Trees

Challenge Course Swing

We don't actually have an issue with trees.  One of the best parts of Camp Kadesh is how the trees make our property look.  Where trees have become a problem is where we've built infrastructure into many trees that we have.  In 2016, one of the supporting trees of our famous Jungle Swing fell down, forcing us to do a quick rebuild in spring using proper poles.  (Thanks to Jon our Site Manager for making that happen really quick this spring)

This fall, during the one big storm that affected most of Saskatchewan, we had many trees fall down.  Two of the most important ones were the trees that were supporting our challenge course platform swing.  This particular challenge obstacle was one of the favourites of campers and was often used during program time and by cabins in free time.

We are looking to completely rebuild our challenge course with proper poles and to expand the options we currently have.   Phase One of our plan would see a completely new challenge course built in the forest area on the hill close to the existing climbing wall.  Phase two of our plan would be to take things up a level.... literally... by building a high ropes course. 

Would you consider donating to support a new challenge course?

We already have a good amount of money saved for capital projects, but every dollar that is raised towards capital will make these projects happen quicker.  We are committed to building this kind of infrastructure, but we are also committed to only moving forward with projects for which we have the full amount of money.   This way we can enjoy our trees and not worry quite so much as they get old.

Remembering Kaitlyn


Kaitlyn Craig - our friend and member of our Camp Kadesh family passed away on Sunday after a much too short battle with cancer.

There will be a memorial for Kaitlyn on Wednesday, April 12th at 4 p.m. at Forest Grove Community Church (502 Webster Street) in Saskatoon. This will be a time where we get to celebrate of the life that she lived and all the things that she loved. Because Kaitlyn loved Jesus so much and knew the certainty that Heaven would be her home after she left this earth, she desired to have her communities come together to hear from God’s word and celebrate His goodness through singing.

Kaitlyn desired this time to be joyful. She does not want people to wear black but instead wear their favourite sports jersey, a camp shirt from their favourite camp, or their favourite pair of jeans and a hoodie (one of her favourite outfits). She does not want people to send flowers but instead to make donations to a few of her favourite places: Saskatoon Youth for Christ, Camp Kadesh, and Camp Kuriakos. There will be a place available for you to make donations by cash or cheque.
Kaitlyn would love if her communities would gather together at their favourite restaurant or coffee shop to share favourite memories and laughter and enjoy each other’s friendship in her honour afterwards. Her family has reserved a section of Moxie’s at 5:30 p.m. for anyone who would like to have supper there.

This memorial worship service is open to anyone who would like to celebrate Kaitlyn’s life together.


How would we use end of year donation money?

As we look forward to 2017 we wanted to present the potential of things that can be done through financial support before we close out this calendar year.  We have worked hard to keep our operations budget balanced and concentrate on only doing the things we can with the resources we have.   We know that God is using Camp Kadesh for His good and we want to maintain the ministry that has been entrusted to us. We see that the vast majority of our finical supporters are able to contribute to the ministry in the final months of they year.  This post is to tell you about how we will use any donation that come in before the end of the year.  The following are three specific areas that end of year donations will support.

1)  $8,000 - Camper subsidies for 2017
If we can raise this money ahead of the 2017 budget year, it will allow us to start working with families that can not afford a week of camp.  This budgeted amount would provide funds for at least 30 campers to come and a significantly reduced rate.  Raising this money at this time a year ensures we can allocate subsidies to families before registration opens.  It would also allow us to know if we have flexibility to increase the amount.

2) $5,000 - Rebuild the Jungle Swing
The last week of summer we had a day with very high winds.  Suddenly a tree that was one of the main supports for the Jungle Swing camp crashing down. We are obviously thankful that no camper or staff was around it at the the time!!. The Jungle swing is a significant part of Camp Kadesh that everyone enjoys.  (We often see adults going for a swing when they are at Kadesh for a retreat). Funds towards this goal would assist in ensuring that we are able to rebuild the jungle swing and have it ready for the very first of spring groups that will come.   Our plan is to rebuild with poles and not trees.  It will still be located amongst the trees, but not be dependant on the health of any trees to ensure safety.

3)  $15,000 - Capital Jumpstart
In 2016 we used our own capital fund savings to loan money to operations to avoid incurring any debt.  As donations come in and we are able to repay this account, we will start work on some capital projects that we have been waiting for the money to come in. Here are a few things that we would like to consider early in 2017:

1)  In 2014 Kadesh built a new building that is both our tuck shop and staff lounge/meeting space.  This building has been used for a number of years and is serving the purpose it was intended, but it has never been completely finished. It needs to have the interior finished and insulated to finalize the build.  If we were able to complete these final steps, it would extend the usable seasons for the space almost year round because we could heat and cool it.   It would also transform it into a comfortable space in appearance

We would love to consider adding another waterfront feature like The Blob. The blob is an inflatable launch pad that is a favourite experience of campers.  Features that we are considering are a floating climbable iceberg, a floating trampoline or a new dock that would incorporate a slide into the water.   These are all things that would add to the general fun of our already great waterfront

A third thing that we are considering is creating intentional hangout spaces. The plan would be to create “web-sites” large horizontal hanging nets similar to ones found on children’s playgrounds but large enough for a number of campers and staff to climb and sit on comfortably.  The power of relationship is a significant part of the mission of Camp Kadesh and spaces like this provide fun locations to sit, hang out and have conversation.

Would you consider a donation to help Camp Kadesh this year?