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Summer Employment

Our deadline for general applications has passed.  We welcome people to still apply for positions that have openings.  For 2018 we will start our hiring process for lead positions in December and all other positions in January.  

See notes on positions below for positions we are still seeking applicants

Camp Kadesh is looking for the staff of 2017.  If you are a person that is in love with the ministry of summer camp and understand how it can change the world... we are looking for you.  The following is a breakdown of the various roles that we have.  If you are new to Kadesh or just have questions feel free to contact either of our Directors Tim or Chris and we would love to talk to you about a summer at Camp Kadesh.

*First round deadlines may be extended if positions are not filled.  Interviews will begin after that posted date and preference will be given to applications submitted before the deadline.  Positions that are filled will be noted on this page.

** Indicated roles are listed as 2 month term, but have the opportunity to be combined with our Outdoor Recreation Program positions to create a 4 month opportunity for those looking for employment from May to August.

We are primarily looking to fill full term positions first.  We typically look to fill in shorter length positions closer to summer, and are not necessarily able to commit to short term roles until closer to the summer season.  Junior roles are more flexible in the time commitment.

PROGRAM Lead Positions

Program Coordinator (2 positions available) - Applications Closed
May 1 to Aug 26
These individuals will be responsible for planning, oversight and implementation of the Kadesh program for both the spring Outdoor Recreation Program and for our Summer camps program.  Program Coordinators will primarily work with the Associate Director, but also other Directors as required.   (First Round Deadline Feb 10,2017*) For more information: Program Coordinator Job Description & Details

Waterfront Coordinator (1 position available) -  Applications Closed
May 1 to Aug 26
Responsible for maintaining authority and a leadership role over the waterfront team.  Must be a minimum of 18 years of age and hold a current National Lifeguard Certification. (Still accepting applications for this position*) For more information:  Waterfront Coordinator Job Description & Details

Leadership in Training (LIT) Coordinator (2 positions available) - Applications Closed
May 1 to Aug 26
Responsible for the implementation of the Leader in Training program.  Providing Christ-centred leadership through relational ministry to people enrolled in the program. (First Round Deadline Feb 10,2017*) For more information: LIT Coordinator Job Description & Details

Kadesh Staff Positions

Senior Cabin Leaders (8 Males & 9 Females) - Applications open for Males, closed for Females
Jun 29 to Aug 26**  
Theses staff members are a primary part of our camp program.  Sr. Cabin Leaders are responsible for leading one cabin of 8 to 13 campers per week for 8 weeks, and (usually) mentoring a Junior Cabin Leader. (First Round Deadline Feb 10,2017*) For more information: Senior Cabin Leader Job Description & Details
(We also are looking for individuals that would be willing to this role for a short period of time or volunteer in this role for a week. This time of year we are focused on filling the full summer roles first)

Skill Specialists (5 potential positions available) - Potential openings for some positons
June 29 to Aug 26** + May 19 - 22 Training weekend
Responsible for leading a specific activity with advanced ability.  These individuals will be focused on providing the best program activity possible, in an area of specialization to advance Camp Kadesh programming in that area.  For more information: Skill Specialist Job Description & Details
Activity Specialist options could include:  archery, climbing wall, ultimate adventure, water-sports, wake surfing, canoeing, paddle boarding, outdoor survival, crafts, dance or sports.  (First Round Deadline Feb 10,2017*)

Skill Specialist - Boat Driver (2 potential positions available) - 1 position still open
June 29 to Aug 26** + May 19 - 22 Training weekend
Responsible for the safe operation of our boats and assisting in the training of camper participating in the watersports program. Applicants for this position should have a high level of experience in driving boats.  For more information: Skill Specialist Job Description & Details

Activity Leader (5 potential positions available) - Still Open
June 29 to Aug 26** + May 19 - 22 Training weekend
These staff member's primary role will be in activity programming and execution.  These individuals will be assigned various general programming and support roles throughout the summer, likely changing week to week.  This role is for someone that is not necessarily looking to be a cabin leader but is looking to make an impact on campers through the area of program. For more information: Activity Leader Job Description & Details (First Round Deadline Feb 10,2017*)

Lifeguard Cabin Leaders (1 positions still available) - Applications Closed
June 26 to Aug 27** + May 19 - 22 Training weekend
Involved in the day to day operations of the waterfront activities, while providing a support role in a cabin.  Must have minimum NLS, lifeguard experience, with skill and proficiency in various water activities an asset. (First Round Deadline Feb 10,2017*)  For more information: Lifeguard Cabin Staff Description & Details

Junior Cabin Leader (8 Male & 9 Female positions available in each week) - 5 male positions available in July
Will work assisting a Senior Cabin Leader one cabin of 8 to 13 campers per week under the supervision and example of a senior cabin leader.  For more information: Junior Cabin Leader Description & Details
(First Round Deadline Feb 14th*)

Junior Activity Leader (5 positions available in each week) - Applications still open
Will work assisting in the execution of camp programming. For more information: Junior Activity Leader Description & Details
(First Round Deadline Feb 14th*)

Support Team

First Aid Responder (1 position available) - Applications Closed
Jun 26 to Aug 27
Responsible for the daily administration of medication and responding to health related incidents at Camp Kadesh. (First Round Deadline Feb 14th*)  For more information: First Aid Responder Description & Details

Multimedia Coordinators (2 position available)  Applications closed
Responsible for overseeing the media and technical needs of Camp Kadesh. (First Round Deadline Feb 10,2017*) For more information: Multimedia Coordinator Description & Details

Maintenance Assistant (1 position available)  - Application Closed
May 2 to Aug 27
Responsible to complete a variety of tasks and responsibilities as assigned by the Site Manager. (First Round Deadline Feb 14th*)

Work Crew (10 positions available)  - Applications Still open.
Option 1 July 23 to July 28 (volunteer) (must be 13 years old)
Option 2 Aug 20 to Aug 25 (volunteer) (must be a minimum of 18 years old or served a minimum of 2 weeks in a different role during the summer.)
Work crew will be assigned various food service and janitorial responsibilities to be completed throughout the day.  The work crew will have a chance to do a number of evening activities as a group.  This role is intended to be for someone that has not ever been on staff or is not able to come for a number of weeks.

Food Services:

Food Services Coordinator/Head Cook (1 position available) - Applications Closed
May 2 to Aug 27
Camp Kadesh is currently seeking a full time Food Services Manager, but until that position is filled we are seeking a person that can fill the role for the summer.  This person would be responsible for leading our kitchen for the spring and summer seasons. (First Round Deadline Feb 14th*)

Assistant Cook (1 position available)  May 2 to Aug 27- Applications Closed
Responsible for providing excellent food service to guests and staff and directly assisting the head cook as the second in charge of the kitchen.  This person would be required to have some experience with the Camp Kadesh kitchen or other similar camp kitchen experience.  This person should also be comfortable giving direction to others and have a willingness to be to oversee the kitchen when the Head Cook is not present.

Food Service Staff (2 position available) - Applications Still Open
Responsible for assisting the cooks in the preparation, serving of food.  This position is for energetic, fun people that love to serve behind the scenes and provide great service to our camp community.

Leaders in Training Program

Click her for for information about out Leaders in Training (LIT) program.  The LITs are a vital part of our staff team and we have dedicated a whole area tothat program and have a special registration process for them.